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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Thursday's Headliners

Team USA beat the Dirk's 85-65 but struggled shooting the ball- Greece is next. Perfectly convenient time, 3:30 am Friday. Winner faces Argentina/Spain for championship.

Matt Leinart hates condoms...or something. His ex-gf is expecting a baby in November. She's a bball player for USC and pretty hot, actually. I think someone must have told him that impregnating girls who you aren't dating is a prerequisite to playing in the NFL.

The NL Wild Card is now led by the Padres with the Phllies .5 behind, the Reds 1 behind, and the Marlins (who's entire payroll is less than the salary of 6 Yankees) are just 2 games out.

The AL Wild Card is led by the White Sox, .5 over the Twins. Tigers still lead division by a comfortable 5 games.

The A's are very quietly 21 games over .500.

Carl Pavano, still a vagina. After breaking two ribs, his shoulder hurts. Seriously, go to an island with Mark Prior and Kerry Wood and don't come back until you can pitch to real people.

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