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Thursday, August 24, 2006


Staten Island Back for More Antics

Just when you thought Staten Island's circus at the Little League World Series was over, you were wrong. The team that cursed on national TV (an incident where the coach reflexively whacked the "curser") will be back for another game. After losing every game so far, the team that blasted A-Rod and George Steinbrenner for not giving them enough money, will play another game. According to MSNBC.com, they want to stick around and play an exhibition game against the team from Moscow. It is common for such games to be played, but I have a sneaky suspicion that the LLWS organizers can't wait for this team to leave.

These guys might be the older brothers of the Staten Island players, however, there is no confirmation. Sound not necessary for this short YouTube clip. The link should work now, I fixed it. If you are from Staten Island, please do not watch the clip, as you will probably never come back to my blog again.

i dont have any sort of clever comment, i just want to thank you for showing me that video. just my personal thoughts, but all of those kids should be taken out to an island and be shot in the face one by one. those kids are the scum of the earth...bottom line. if you disagree with me than you can lick my balls. i will not listen to any sort of anyone defending those kids...thank you.
It must suck to have to use so much gel in your hair everyday to get it just right, or your other friends with the same explosion haircut won't think you're cool.

I don't know about shooting these guys...

But, a good solution would be for a popular magazine about style like GQ or even Playboy to come out and say - if you wax your eyebrows, go tanning, shave every hair off of your body except for the hair which explodes on your head, then you are a gay.

I can understand trying to copy a celebrity's appearance. But, I can't think of any celebrities who look like these guys. Who was the first to come out with this look and why did everybody imitate this guy?
Maybe it was just the explosion haircut at first and then waxing and tanning came later. But who thought of the explsion hairstyle? It's almost like wondering why someone would ever dare eat lobster. It looks horrible and everybody would think you're an idiot if you did try it, but somebody did it anyway.
theres no article needed to determine that these kids are gay...its already known. but i would love to see an article in one of those magazines just ripping those kids apart. i also would like to know how this horrible style started...dan do some research
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