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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Shea Hillenbrand, Lookin' Better

Last month (or whenever it was), everyone in the world was ripping Shea Hillenbrand for being the jerk that got himself kicked off the Blue Jays. Today, it looks as though the jerk is really Toronto manager John Gibbons. Gibbons had challenged Hillenbrand to a fight when Hillenbrand posted "the ship is sinking" on the team's message board. Lucky for Gibbons, Hillenbrand refused. Gibbons then butted heads (or something) with pitcher Ted Lilly last night. Lilly let an 8-0 lead slip to 8-7 against the A's last night when Gibbons came to take him out.

Then Lilly did what I am surprised is not done more often- he refused to come out. The two argued until Lilly ultimately headed toward the dugout. Gibbons followed Lilly into the tunnel and ended up with a bloody nose. Supposedly no punches were thrown. That must have been some world class yelling to get the nose bleeding.

Shouldn't Gibbons be a little more professional? This guy fights more with his players than his players fight with other teams. I understand you couldn't win with a good team that ended up being a large waste of money, but stop fighting your own players. Effectively, this was a bench clearing brawl- except the Toronto bench was the only one that cleared as the two went tumbling to the ground in the tunnel. The A's went on to win 12-10, basically a microcosm of each team's season. So, is Lilly (10-11, 4.64 ERA) available? If he gets shipped to a contender, what a great move this was for him.

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