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Monday, August 14, 2006


Ronaldinho Dazzles

In the final game of their US tour, Barcelona torched the NY/NJ Red Bulls 4-1. Brazilian super-striker Ronaldinho had 2 goals, so apparently he went to bed early the night before the match (It had been reported after the World Cup that his poor play could be attributed to all-night sex sessions with his French model girlfriend followed by hours of playing FIFA World Cup on PS2).

The European teams don't leave the US this year the same way they had in previous years, however. The MLS All-Stars defeat of Chelsea and DC United's tie of Real Madrid suggests that soccer in the US is on the rise, no matter how meaningless these games may or may not be. The crowds were huge across the country, including over 79,000 at Giants Stadium for the Barca-Red Bulls game on Saturday, with other games drawing over 90,000 fans. So, is it better than hockey yet? This attendance, coupled with success of MLS teams, and great World Cup ratings certainly suggest so.

I am wondering if the US club teams will begin to get the treatment of the Mid-Majors in the NCAA's. The bigger teams don't have anything to gain, and everything to lose by playing them, so they simply don't. I guess in this case there is a ton of money involved, which makes a difference.

If you haven't seen Ronaldinho's Nike commercial yet, check it out here. It is incredible, even if you hate soccer you have to watch it, it is a simply amazing display of skill. If you're wondering why I switched the picture on this post, the other one was really freaking me out.

dude, the commercial is an ad. it's, uh, fake.

that is, R did not actually consecutively hit the crossbar - it's computer graphics.

He and any number of other players around the world could potentially come close to hitting it once, but not twice. Of the top 100 players in the world, maybe 10 could get lucky enough to hit it once. 0 of them could hit it twice in a row.
Unlike LeBron's full court jumpers commercial, the ball never leaves the screen. Rumors were that this is real.

10 in 100 can hit it once? Zero could hit it twice? You know these guys shoot at holes the size of the ball in practice right? Have you ever touched a soccer ball? Hitting the bar isn't that difficult.

Have you ever seen this guy play? He hits it 4 times here and has to stretch to keep the ball alive. Had the ball been thrown to him, it would have been more accurate.

Even if it was fake, how can you not be impressed with his juggling?
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