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Thursday, August 17, 2006


Ron Artest, Role Model

MSNBC.com reported that as part of his community service for the melee in Detroit two years ago, Ron Artest spoke to children at a community center. Unfortunately for the kids' parents, Artest defended himself for the brawl in Detroit, discussed dealing drugs, and the broken home he grew up in. Is it just me, or is having Ron Artest around kids not a good idea? And who decided that this was community service?

He told the kids that he actually likes the guy who attacked him, saying "I like John Green, he's real". He also said of the fight, "someone started something, I ended it". He may have also said "If you need to take time off from playing basketball to work on your album, people gotta respect that." Or he might have discussed Bonzi Wells and could have said, "I've already told Bonzi that if he doesn't come back to the Kings I'm going to feed his children to my dogs". Those last two things may or may not have been said.

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