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Thursday, August 03, 2006


Red Sox Fans Like Butt?

Where to start with this one? Ok, a USED toilet is being auctioned off and Sox fans are bidding on it. Current bid is $330. First off, the toilet must be bad luck. It was installed in the home clubhouse at Fenway BEFORE the 1986 World Series (tragically lost by Red Sox) and removed BEFORE the 2004 World Series (heroically won).

Imagine the shits taken in this toilet though! I bet Mo Vaughn did some impressive work there. Remember El Guapo- the blob from the bullpen? I'm sure he did his share of work on this throne as well.

[(81 home games per year) x (18 full seasons) + (31 home playoff games)] x [3 poops per game?] = 4,467 poops taken by Red Sox players, managers, bat boys, mascots, midget friends, etc. And there are some Hall of Fame poops in there.

Now the question is, would you install it in your home or put it on display somewhere? Either way it's really awkward.

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