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Friday, August 11, 2006


Posada Paints His Nails

That's right, I watched a Yankees game. And I knew there was a reason why I never do this. Randy Johnson had a no-hitter going, so as a sports fan I was naturally intrigued. Watching Johnson pitch, I was wondering what he was doing differently because he was actually not getting shelled. So I peered into Jorge Posada's crotch to get a look at the signs. Wow, those signs sure are easy to see, why is that? Oh wait, it's because Posada got his nails painted white. My first though, "God I hope that's white-out". My second thought, "Jeter must have put him up to this".

Most catchers just wear tape on their fingers, but when you have to compete with the likes of A-Rod and Jeter, you must start feeling a lot less pretty. I could just imagine him after the game,
"Yeah guys, I'll catch up with you later, just have to remove this nail polish before I go home so my wife doesn't run away with half of my salary". I bet it went down like this:

Posada and Jeter get lunch on Wednesday. Jeter orders the quiche and sparkling water, reeking of his new cologne. "Hey Jorge, I have to introduce you to my manicurist, she does an amazing job." Since every Yankee wants to be Jeter, he complies and ends up getting his nails painted. Their geriatric pitcher actually can see his signs better now, and Posada will be doomed to a life of putting on nail polish every 5 days. Look for hot pink to make an appearance on Monday.

Not to defend the Yankees, but it isn't uncommon for catchers to paint their nails white in order to make signs easier for the pitcher to read.
I thought for sure you would mention how he pees on his hands... Which is also weird. But whatever, He is having a nasty season defensively. Being a Yankee fan, he can paint his nails all he wants. Ever since Clemens left, Posada is prob the toughest guy on the team... just edging out an aging old (but astill threatening) Sheffield.
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