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Sunday, August 27, 2006


Pinch-Hitting the Guy in the Fight....Brilliant!!

I was watching the Yankees-Angels game on Saturday, basically because the Yankees were losing at the time. Whoever happened to be pitching for the Yankees threw a pitch behind Juan Rivera of the Angels (former Yankee). Rivera got pretty steamed and was calling out just about everyone on the Bombers, including the guys in the dugout. Jorge Posada was jawing back at him from the dugout, but nothing materialized.

Fast forward to the next frame. Ervin Santana (pitching with a 5-4 lead) immediately surrendered a double to Bernie Williams. Due up next was catcher Sal Fasano, and this is where Joe Torre looked really smart. He inserted Posada as a pinch-hitter, knowing that the bean-happy Angels couldn't help throwing at him. Santana then threw behind Posada, advancing Williams to third. After the benches were warned, Posada hit a sac fly and tied the game 5-5.

The Angels, who are fighing to keep with the A's in the AL West could not afford to surrender the lead for the simple purpose of exacting revenge. And hence, Joe Torre wins the battle of wits, using Posada's argument as a way to get the lead in the game. I hate to say it, but that was probably the best managerial "play" I've seen in a long time. Fortunately for the Angels, they won the game anyway.

Sal Fasano looks like Mario from Super Mario Brothers... and Arbreu looks a little like Donky Kong
Jorge Posada would beat Paul Lo Duca's a$$ and take his teenage girfriends if he wanted to...but since he has in priorities in line, he won't. He's doing something meaningful with his life by helping find a cure for his son's disease as opposed to hanging out with groupie teenagers and getting his picture on myspace.
I'm not really sure what the article had to do with LoDuca, nor did it rip Posada.
Nor did it accuse Sal Fasano of looking like Super Mario and Abreu like Donkey Kong...but us Yankees fans say what we want, when we want!

Got it!?!
While I do like your theory that posada was inserted because Torre new he would be thrown at which could get him on base or advance Bernie, I wouldnt look at it like that.

It's not a tough decision to put in Posada for Fasano late in a game when the yanks are down by a run with a man on second. Comparing Posada and Fasano as hitters is like comparing Mo Rivera to Billy Wagner, its a no brainer who you want in there.

so while i like the theory, I wouldnt give Torre credit for putting in Posada because he knew it would turn out like that.
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