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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


A Phucker of a Philly

Does it bother anyone else that Chase Utley (or Chutley as I call him) has a 34 game hitting streak? I get this awful feeling every time someone who isn't that great makes a run at something great. Right now, these are the top 4 streaks after 1900.

1. DiMaggio- 56
2. Rose- 44
3. Cobb- 40
4. Molitor- 39

If he passes any of these guys, I will decorate the room in vomit. Utley made his first All-Star team this year, but this is one of the few records in sports that almost everyone knows, and thus I consider it quasi-sacred. After the homerun record (undeservingly) and consecutive games record (deservingly) fell in the last decade, this is the best thing the legends have left.

Remember when Fernando Tatis was the first guy to hit 2 grand salamis in the same inning? We were like, "cool, but who the fuck is Fernando Tatis?" Well, that record isn't nearly as well known as this one, which can be argued as the best display of hitting ever. So please don't let a Philly break it, because I really don't think we will ever consider Chutley a legend. Do you think anyone ever called his sister Slutley?

Couple of notes about DiMaggio's streak. In those 56 games, he struck out 5 times. Five! DiMaggio also had a 61 game hit streak in the minors. The Yanks went 41-13-2 during the streak. They had ties? And finally, he followed it up with a 16 game streak, thus hitting safely in 72 of 73 games.

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