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Thursday, August 24, 2006


Not Tall, Not Black

My question- Why is New Zealand basketball called the "Tall Blacks"? Check out this picture from their media guide. None of them are black. They don't appear very tall either, but their heights were listed in meters so there is no way I was going to do a conversion.

There are often nicknames for World Cup soccer teams, for example, the US was "Sam's Army"- like Uncle Sam, the Ivory Coast was "The Elephants"- because there are Elephants there or something, Trinidad & Tobago were the "Soca Warriors"- not sure what it means but awesome name. So I'm sure there is some explanation for the "Tall Blacks" but I haven't been able to find one. And I'm also ecstatic that this picture is the cover of the New Zealand basketball media guide. Could you imagine LeBron and Carmelo in one of these poses? I'm just glad that New Zealand takes basketball so seriously. Did they create this cover on PowerPoint? At least use Photoshop you non-tall, non-black ballers.

The name was chosen as it reminds people of New Zealand's Rugby Union team, the All Blacks.
Yes, it reminds them of the rugby name, which I did read. But it wasn't named because "Tall" rhymes with "All"...was it? If so, that is about as ridiculous as the picture.
I think they're doing their haka just like the All Blacks rugby team... Check out Deadspin on that haka.
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