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Sunday, August 27, 2006


Monday's Headliners

The Twins are up a half game on the White Sox for the Wild Card after the weekend series. Tigers still lead division by 5.

Boston may be plating themselves out of the playoffs after getting swept by the Mariners, now 5.5 out of position.

The NL Wild Card race is heating up between a bunch of mediocre teams who don't deserve it. San Francisco made the biggest move of late, now just 2 games behind Reds. The Abreu-less Phils are just 1 out. The Pirates- still 17 games out of contention.

My Fantasy Draft was Sunday. I got LJ with the first pick so Reggie Bush had to take Alexander with the # 2 pick. Seriously though, someone drafted Bubba Franks in the 5th round. Is it good to let girls in the league because they throw their $ away? It just feels dirty to me.

Team USA blew out Australia 113-73. Looking solid heading into the final 8 against Dirk and the Germs.

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