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Monday, August 21, 2006


Monday's Headliners

Tiger Woods continues to roll, taking his 12th major by an impressive 5 strokes. In the year 2020, he could still realistically be winning majors.

Team USA finished the weekend 2-0 after defeating Puerto Rico and Yao's Chinese Army. Watch some of tomorrow's game while you get ready for work- USA plays Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 6:30 am.

The Jets try again, acquiring the underachieving Kevan Barlow from the 49ers for a 67th round draft pick in 2083.

The Little League World Series features a 6-8, 256 pound monster. He is supposedly 13 years old. This is even more confusing to me because he's a big black kid named Aaron Durley and he plays for...Saudi Arabia. Not surprisingly, the "Saudis" are 2-0.

Mets/Yanks to be story features today.

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