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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


MNF In Review

Last night's game featured the first Monday Night Football game for ESPN, Randy Moss's return to Minnesota, and the debut of the Kornheiser-Tirico-Theisman Mount Rushmore of Hair.

Let me first offer a disclaimer that a preseason game is not that exciting, no matter what the circumstances. It seems tough to get off to a great start (both with the network and the announcers) in a meaningless game. One thing really bothered me about the broadcast, and that was the scoreboard/clock being centered at the bottom of the screen. Usually the camera keeps the action in the middle of the screen, so this thing is very intrusive to viewing. I understand they are trying to do their own thing, but seriously, pick a corner, this doesn't work.

The Mount Rushmore of Hair did a decent job for a meaningless game, but they certainly need these tune-ups to get ready for the regular season. It started off that The Patch (Tirico) was the only one talking. The Rug (Theisman) started butting in with some technical analysis, and The Wispy Strand (Kornheiser) must have been taking a dump or something because there was no proof that he was even in the booth. He eventually interjected with some awkward types of comments, but eventually the whole thing seemed to mesh. By halftime I was thinking that there is some hope.

On Fantasy Watch, Chester Taylor and Sebastian Janikowski (55 yd. FG) looked good, while Randy Moss and Aaron Brooks looked lost. In addition to looking lost, Brooks also still looks like Martin Lawrence on steroids.

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