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Monday, August 07, 2006



Although you probably weren't watching, the MLS All-Star team defeated English Premier League Champions Chelsea 1-0 on Saturday before a sell out crowd in Chicago. The MVP and lone goal scorer was Dwayne DeRosario- a Candian! For anyone who watched the World Cup, you may have noticed that every team's best player seems to play for Chelsea:

Ukraine- Andriy Shevchenko (2004 Euro Player of the Year)
Germany- Michael Ballack (Captain of German National Team)
Ivory Coast- Didier Drogba (Captain of IC National Team)
England- Joe Cole, John Terry, Frank Lampard (England nat'l team starters)
Argentina- Hernan Crespo (Best Argentine goal scorer since Maradona)
Netherlands- Arjen Robben (Has unseated Van Nistelrooy as top Dutch scoring threat)
Czech Republic- Peter Cech (Best goalkeeper in the world)

...to name a few.

Now Chelsea Coach Jose Mourinho claims that his team wasn't in good shape yet and played it off like he wasn't completely embarrassed. This "training session", as Mourinho casually called it, saw a much different game I anticipated.

5 Reasons why Chelsea should have won
1-The MLS team was without several of its stars, including well-knowns such as Clint Dempsey and Landon Donovan.
2-The MLS squad carried barely any World Cup players, as opposed to the who's who on Chelsea's side.
3-Chelsea's players have probably just been drinking and having sex with models since the World Cup ended, but seriously, it was less than a month ago. These guys were in shape.
4-Most of Chelsea's players have been playing together for years. The MLS squad- a couple of days.
5- The MLS is like the minor leagues in baseball. They get paid nothing, and as soon as they are good enough, they bolt for Europe. If they are one of the 2 or 3 best players in the country, they might get to play in the English Premier League, but most end up in leagues in Germany, Belgium, or other equally dull places.

What does this mean? Not much yet, but there are more and more things to suggest soccer has been making some serious progress in this country. It will probably never be a major sport but I think after 2 more World Cups it should surpass hockey. After all, the World Series of Backgammon could have better ratings than the Stanley Cup Finals.

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