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Thursday, August 10, 2006


Maurice Clarett Update

Ok, my buddy Mike emailed me this picture from ESPN.com and suggested that I follow up with the Clarett situation. Since there is more information today, I figured, why not? Ok, bottle of Grey Goose and hatchet have been added to the list of things found in the car. My buddy Z also noted the lint brush on the seat, so we know Clarett likes to stay nice and sharp even when he is a arming a small army. But do you see that CD near the top of the picture? Yeah, that's a CD of children's songs recorded by Ohio Prison inmates.

According to ESPN.com, Clarett's coach-to-be in the Eastern Indoor Football League (which consists of 5 teams and zero total games played) said "I've seen far worse situations than this". Um, like what? Has he been coaching football teams in Afghanistan where the members of his teams go around shooting people every night? .

That is not a CD of children's songs recorded by Ohio Prison inmates. My guess...you read that on another website without realizing that it was meant as a joke.

The context: Ohio officials / politicians were recently surprised to find that a CD of children's songs was funded in part by government money, but was created in part with the assistance of prisoners.

The apparent joke: That's the CD that is in Clarett's car because he too will be a prisoner.

The truth: The CD in the photo is "Grand Champ" by DMX.
This article at ESPN.com did say that it was children's songs recorded by prison inmates. I don't think they were joking. I'm sure there were several CD's in the car.
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