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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


The Maple Leafs...So Hot Right Now

After talking to a co-worker and a drunk kid at the bar, I have come to the conclusion that Toronto does not care about the Blue Jays. The city with only two pro sports franchises chooses the one which is spelled wrong-

The Toronto Maple Leafs

Didn't anyone tell them that "Leaves" is the way to spell "Leaf" when it is plural? But they insist that this is the only game in town. Everyone wants to know if I'm a Devils fan. I say no, I'm a Mets, Giants, Nets fan. Then I'm a Red Bulls and Juventus fan. Then I'm a Serena Williams fan. Then I might even be a NASCAR fan before I'm a hockey fan.

Hockey games are great, but hockey is certainly losing its luster in the US. Record low ratings at this year's Stanley Cup are definitely an indication. The lack of youth and high school hockey teams in the states is certainly one reason. If you grow up playing basketball, baseball, football as a kid, why would you give a flying f*ck about hockey?

Well they do here. I wish the Jays were in town this week though. I was informed that Tuesdays are $2 Tuesdays. You can't even get into a minor league game for $2. That's like $1.85 in US dollars. You can actually pay for your ticket with a coin! (Canada has $2 coins). Wow.

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