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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Looking Forward

Tomorrow- More of Paul LoDuca's sexual exploits

Later This Week -Around the Horn vs. PTI. I need to write this one carefully.

my good friend, david peppard, pointed out that Kornheiser was gripping the mic like it was the last bottle of peach schnapps in the world. Stan and I didn't notice (we were at hooters). how do you think he'll do this year?
Well, I touched on this in the "MNF in Review" post. I think he'll end up ok, but I'll try and wait till the first real game to do a real critique of how this is working out. I certainly want them to do well.

A lot of reviews noted how effectively Kornheiser pushed Theisman's buttons, but I thought it got a little awkward at times. The whole beginning of the broadcast was a little weird, but it got better. Hopefully it continues to improve.
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