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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Le Jeter

Derek Jeter further solidified his image as a pretty boy today by announcing the release of his new cologne. It will be produced by Avon, which, reportedly still exists. I can't think of anyone in MLB who would've had better odds to do something like this. I wish that I could have gotten the other picture to upload because Jeter has this ridiculously corny smile, nothing like this super sexy pose to the left. You can look here if you want to see it.

Reportedly, other Yankees will be marketing some new products as well. Alex Rodriguez is going to be selling the purple-tinted chapstick that he wears every day. BOO!!! There will also be one with sparkles in it. Miguel Cairo masks are going on sale in September just in time for Halloween, as he continues to campaign against Sam Cassell as ugliest man in sports. Jason Giambi will be marketing HGH shampoo. And Joe Torre will continue to pick his nose. A lot.

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