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Friday, August 18, 2006


Jeter Wants You Dead

I hope everyone saw the death stare that Derek Jeter gave A-Rod after they bumped into each other, leaving an infield fly to plop harmlessly on the infield dirt. The ball popped out of A-Rod's glove as they bumped, and it appeared as though Jeter may have been able to grab the ball if he reacted quickly (as Brian Giles did in the Padres game). Instead, Jeter was so steamed that he just stared at A-Rod like boxers do before a fight starts, or like you would stare at someone that just stole your girlfriend (before bashing his brains out). So will this affect the chemistry on the Yankees for the rest of the season? It's bad enough that Jeter hasn't stood up for A-Rod at all this year. Sure A-Rod is full of himself, a little dumb, and less clutch than Byung-Hyun-Kim, but you want to win, right? Well maybe they should trade A-Rod to the Mets for Milledge and Heilman.

Very objective point of view there Chokeartist...

Heilman and Milledge for A-Rod...ok, I'm gonna put that trade proposition right up there with Communism.

The Yanks are a first place team and A-Rod has been a solid contributor to the effort. He's not the team MVP and he is underperforming. But he is still playing pretty well despite all of the criticism.

I predict he will make a believer out of all the people who love to hate him either this season or seasons to come.
My point being, I would love to have him and Yankee fans are downright silly for bashing him. Plus Texas pays half his salary and they made him switch positions, so deal with the errors.
Man i just want to know how you managed to find that picture. You finding that is hilarious and creepy at the same time.
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