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Friday, August 25, 2006


Jay Williams- Pretty Cool Jersey Guy

Jay Williams, former #2 overall pick in the NBA draft has been invited to Nets training camp. Williams, who has been out of ball for three years after a viscous motorcycle accident, is a Plainfield, NJ native. In addition to having shown exceptional promise as a player, Williams seems like a pretty cool guy. My buddy Hendrix and I saw him out in the spring at Calico Jack's- a not so classy bar in NYC. He seemed to just be hanging out like a normal guy, not thinking he was hot sh*t or anything. There was no posse picking up girls for him or table with bottles of Grey Goose on it, just a guy having a beer with some of his friends (a guy who did get paid a lot- including a $3 million buy out of his contract). He seemed a little annoyed when the DJ kept shouting out stuff like "we got my boy Jay-Will in the house!", really not looking for any attention at all. So come to the Nets Jay Williams, and keep on keepin' it real.

He can have all the beer he wants, just keep him off the freaking bike.
Please. I love the idea of a classic redemption story, or yet another Leon Smith not-ready-for-human-contact story, especially so close to home, though.
i went to high school and played ball with with jay. he really is a great guy - i wish him well in his comeback attempt...
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