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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


It's Hard Out There For a Catcher

Yesterday, The New York Post ran a front page (not back page) story on Mets catcher Paul LoDuca for about the tenth time in the last three weeks. In their trademark obnoxiously large font, the headline read "Double Play" in reference to a second girl saying she did the dirty with LoDuca (he is married, but not for long). First of all, I am completely against one of our local papers bashing one of our local players. Please reserve your corny-ass tabloid stories for other celebrities, Chipper Jones, Donovan McNabb, T.O., and anyone else who plays for our rival teams, rather than the ones who we root for. Secondly, the article was so corny it could have come from the National Enquirer- here are some lowlights:

1. They used terms such as "casanova catcher", "straying slugger", and "ruggedly handsome player" instead of something more professional such as, let's see, "LoDuca?"
2. They asked her about his performance in bed, to which she responded "he's alright, below what I expected".
3. She was quoted as saying "I thought I was special"- after discussing how she met him only for sex, and only when the Mets were in Philly.

And I'm so glad that I didn't post this when I wrote it yesterday afternoon because it was back on the front page this morning. After taking the side of the girl yesterday, the Post ripped her big time today, calling her a groupie, headlining the column "ball girls" (ha!), and mocking parts of her MySpace profile, citing:

Interests: My amazing boyfriend Paul and the METS OBV!!!

I swear I didn't make this up. They even had an expert groupie offering some ho-analysis. They also quote some "expert" as saying, "Groupies deny that their goal is to more than a screw, but that is all they can attain." So you help the NY Post sell out one of it's local players and the next day you're nothing more than "a screw".

The only people who should be bashed by the post are Isiah (everyday), and A-Rod (not everyday, but whenever appropriate... so Like 3-4 times a week).

- I think I will start a MySpace page dedicated to calling myself Jessica Alba's Boyfriend. Would The Post run a story on that? What is this world coming to? C'Mon, Like LoDuca is the first MLB player to have side-ho's. Big F'ing deal. They definitely didn't give the "Strahan had an affair with a male" story this much attention. It's all garbage. I agree, this is an unecessary bashing of a local star without warrant.
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