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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Invention of the Year

Imagine there was a way to smuggle 80 oz. of booze into the sporting event/family party/job/street fair/build-a-bear store of your choice. Well, your dream may have just come true. There is a fake stomach that you can wear like a backwards backpack, and you can put booze in it! The website is right here. You can sip through a straw in your collar or be a team player and fill up cups by running it down through the fly of your pants. It even can be ordered with a cooling system that keeps your booze cold for hours.

I think this would be great for shopping with your girlfriend. But lets say you're a single guy, I would love to know whether this unsightly stomach repels the females or attracts them because of the free booze. But hell, who is trying to pick up chicks at a ballgame anyway?

Credit Deadspin.com for providing a link to the SI photo gallery of Rick Reilly using this contraption at a Dodger game (Rick is the guy who writes the article inside of the back page of every Sports Illustrated).

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