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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Hybrid Sports Games

Yesterday, Deadspin.com did a short review on the new Madden game. It seems as though they are making these games include more and more non-game related activities (they list building stadiums and weightlifting, for example). So this resurrected an idea that I had a couple years ago- play a player's life. By this I mean, in addition to the football games, you live as a particular player on and off the field.

Picture this- coming into the league as a rookie, you get hazed by your teammates and have to deal with the new NFL life. You buy cars, a house, troll for women, and go to clubs. You can do drugs, take HGH, steroids, etc. You can get caught in a drug test, get STD's, get a a girl pregnant, or get shot in a drive-by. This could be the first hybrid sports game, and Madden has started to go in this direction.

Now Madden would never stoop to this level, but a new game certainly could. It could be called "NFL: The Life" or something like that. Would that be as fun as "NBA: The Life" though? Would you have immense peer pressure to smoke pot if your player was on the Trailblazers?

The possibilities are endless- the only problem is, it would likely be impossible to get any of the leagues to endorse a game that may reflect badly on their reputation. But damn it would be fun!

I like that Idea... They kind of have a game like that called NBA Ballerz or something like that. You could buy houses, Ice, and cars. I think they might have pulled it because a lot of NBA players and personell didnt like the fact that you could also buy "Friends".. a.k.a. Ho's! No joke. You could buy bitches. The more money you had, the hotter the ones you could get! Just like real life.

On an ironic note. Jason Kidd (Nets PG) was one of the few players who outwardly opposed this games release because it was disrespectful to women and reflected poorly on the league... Ya know what also reflects poorly on the league and is disrespectful to women? WHEN HALL OF FAMERS BEAT THEIR WIVES!!!!!
Nice. Since I am not a huge video game guy, I didn't know about this game. I really think they need the hardcore stuff too like getting arrested and drugs.
Another option I would also add is lashing out to the media at the end of a big game or to a stoned/high Michael Irvin in the middle of the week.
Perfect. What else do we have people?
How about beating up fans? Ya know, Artest/Jackson style. Or murdering your wife and driving around in a Ford Bronco? -- Those would make for some fun games. Like adding a little Grand Theft Auto to your NBA Live, or NFL 2k games.

-They should bring back RBI Baseball... same graphics, but for Gamecube or something and have all these options... imagine the little stumpy circle people hittin-off chicks and smokin dro. What a great game that would be.
Another possibility is letting you control the athlete after his retirement: you can write a book, become a broadcaster, or become a raging alcoholic - or do all 3.
The raging alcoholic option allows you to control the athlete 30 years into his retirement and sexually harass Suzy Kolber on national tv in a drunken stupor.
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