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Friday, August 25, 2006


HGH and You

More from the wonderful "Play" magazine of the New York Times. I have been wondering- where the hell are the reports on HGH? The hottest topic in just about every sport is the steroid that you can't test for. To be fair, it's not technically a steroid, but it seems to work the same way. And finally, some information (other than that it makes you freaking huge).

Positives, according to "Play": You inject it, but they did not say if you have to put it in your ass or not. The latter would certainly make it more appealing to me. Even if you don't work out, this stuff builds muscle and takes fat off. You don't get stronger unless you lift though, and if you did, I would take it right now. It has been considered a fountain of youth, of sorts, for older folks who take it (people even older than Barry Bonds...like real people). It also helps injuries heal faster, building both muscle and bone mass.

Negatives, according to "Play": It can lead to blood-sugar imbalances (see: diabetes), high blood pressure, and congestive heart failure. It also triggers rapid cell growth, which makes cancer about a zillion times worse. They suggest that decline in growth hormone over time is actually a naturally preventive measure that the body takes against cancer, so adding more might not be the best idea.

HGH is illegal, and only available through prescription for specific conditions, although it certainly appears to be running wild through pro sports right now. There have still be few studies done on healthy, young people, but I am itching to know how those would come out.

Here is the link to the "Play" article...again, you have to do the free sign up with the NY Times.

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