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Thursday, August 03, 2006



Yesterday's Goings On

*HillBilly Wagner avoids becoming tarred and feathered in Times Square...for now.

*Cy Wang? Chien-Ming Wang pitches another gem, goes to 13-4. Since he's from Taiwan (and not Japan) does that mean he won't flame out like Nomo, Irabu, etc.? Or do all Asians look/pitch alike?

*Denver, San Antonio wallow after David Stern announces teams will now earn playoff seedings via regular season records rather than division winners claiming top 3 spots.

*Heroics contagious in Boston as Loretta wins it in 9th for BoSox with Papi on deck.

Next Week

*Fantasy Football Previews
*Top 10 baseball players who are/were definitely on steroids but never got caught
*Choke Artist of the Week begins. New nominee each day with biggest choke announced on Friday

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