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Friday, August 04, 2006



Mets lead cut to 12 games over Phils as Willis out-Pedro's Pedro. Still up by 5 over Cards in NL.

Yanks claim 1 game lead in AL East thanks to Lidle, and HGHambi. Try it, pronounce it
HGH-ambi. Oh yeah, that's catching on for sure.

BoSox pick up Javy Lopez, which confirms that he still plays baseball. Hmm, possible inclusion for next week's roid list (yes, I think everyone is on steroids, in this case, was on steroids).

Allan Ray Sighting. For the Villanova bias here, A-Ray was seen playing at Rucker Park yesterday (how's that for inside info? You heard it here first!) 2 year deal with the Celts signed a couple weeks ago.

Also at Rucker- the guy who can do the 720 dunk. He did it at a halftime duck contest (that's 2 360's!)

Floyd Landis's piss results will be in tomorrow. The French will celebrate by playing the song about Zidane's headbutt, which reached #1 in France this week. Do they know that it lost them the World Cup? Stupid French.

I heard Floyd Landis has a higher than normal testosterone level because he's Amish. It's just in their blood.

If don't believe me, Go ask his mother.
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