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Thursday, August 31, 2006


Friday's Headliners

I would like to apologize for this week's lack of substance. I have been extremely busy with business-related activities such as never ending happy hours and long lunches. Please know that I have trekked down to the hotel lobby each night to keep this thing going though...Next week will be back to normal.

Terrell Owens finally took the field for the Cowboys. Forget his performance, his presence was significant.

A-Rod had a good game against a good team. Slump over? Only time will tell. Yanks beat Tigers and can cruise to the division title and get healthy. But will they make a run at home field? Only 3 games behind Detroit.

The Mets entered the day with the best record in baseball, although Trevor Hoffman's choke in the All-Star game keeps home field in the AL.

Not much change to the wild card pictures. Cincy has dropped 6 straight.

Did anybody hear A-Rod's comment on the CBS radio post game show yesterday? He said,"...I'm not having my normal MVP year..."

This guy has got to learn to think before he speaks. I really don't think describing your normal year as "MVP" is not something you should do if you want people to like you, especially if you are having your worst year as a pro.
But to his defense, he also said something to the extent of "but we are winning and that's all that matters. I am happy, but I would also like to contribute more..." Do you think that if they win it all, that his season will be thrown into the fire and forgotten about? Or does he need to have a monster playoffs to offset it? Will NY boo him during the ring ceremony next April?
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