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Friday, August 25, 2006


Friday's Headliners

If you didn't read Choke Artist in the afternoon yesterday, I did a post around 4:00, which is right below this section. So check it out.

Carson Palmer's comeback will be evaluated in full when he sees his first game action on Monday. Palmer is expected to start the preseason game. Only problem- my fantasy draft is Sunday, which means we won't know how Palmer will hold up until after the draft. This of course affects Chad Johnson and TJ Housh as well.

The Mets sweep their 2nd straight series, holding off Pujols...I mean the Cardinals. Mets now own best NL record by 12 games and are within 2 games of the best record in baseball (not like that counts for anything). Usually we are talking about next season...what a great time for me to start a blog.

The Redbirds are now just percentage points ahead of Cincy for 1st place. The other problem- wild card teams are just a game behind.

The White Sox salvaged a split with the Tigers, but now face the Twins in a series where they will be without Jim Thome. This series has playoff implications.

Big Papi seems to homer just about every day now. After hitting his 46th, he is within one dinger of his career high. He is also on pace for, get this, 60 home runs. There was a time when that meant something...

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