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Friday, August 18, 2006


Friday's Headliners

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson both shot 69's yesterday. On Sportscenter Tiger appeared to giggle after saying they had 69's. Did anyone else see this? I stopped laughing at the number 69 at least 6 months ago.

Junior Seau looks to be coming out of his one week retirement to sign with the Patriots. What a kick in the nads for the 'Phins.

USA Bball tips off their first meaningful game tonight @ 1am.

Maurice Clarett had alleged ties to an Israeli mob boss. Clarett had gotten bodyguards, a car, and a place to live from this guy. Why the hell would Clarett need bodyguards?

Tom Brady denies being linked to Greg Anderson and Balco. Could you have picked anyone (besides maybe Channing Frye) that would have been more surprising?

Tony Parker broke his finger after getting it caught in an opponent's jersey. He will be out of the World Championships. Did I jinx him by putting that goosing picture up yesterday?

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