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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Fantasy Football Part Trey

Wednesday will be for the wide open field of wide receivers. There is no clear cut #1, and as usual, you have to figure out where to mix them into your draft order. Do you sacrifice a second round RB for a top WR? My advice is that if there is a RB that you want in round 2, take him. If you feel like you're just taking a RB for the sake of taking an RB, get a top WR instead.

For example, you are picking #6 in your draft (in a 10 person league), which means you'll get the 15th pick overall as well. You can probably get the 12th or 13th rated RB here because "that guy" will probably take Peyton, and someone else might go for a receiver that they fell in love with like maybe Chad Johnson. Or, if you're in one of my leagues, someone might take Tony Gonzalez in the first round...huh?!? So anyway, Dominick Davis, Westbrook, Ronnie Brown and a few others are in this range. Do you want them more than T.O. or Steve Smith? It's a tough choice, but here's my solution:

If you take the RB, take a receiver in the next round. This will still give you access to a #1 guy like Anquan Boldin or Santana Moss. This might actually be a better idea this year because there are no clear-cut choices at the top. If you take a top WR, take RB's in the next 2 rounds because you can probably still get two starters in those rounds- maybe combos like C. Dillon and F. Gore or C. Taylor and D. Foster. It depends on how you personally value that top receiver.

The Top 20 WR's
1. C. Johnson- Pick him and watch him celebrate.
2. S. Smith- Last year's stud looks to repeat. Panthers are the sexy pick out of the NFC.
3. T. Owens- Before he implodes, he'll be sick as always. But will you have him for 16 games?
4. T. Holt- Consistent #1 for a QB who loves to throw. Plus he looks like Sam Cassell.
5. L. Fitzgerald- May split catches, but didn't hurt his value last year. But, the Cardinals could be horrible like they are every year.
6. M. Harrison- He's still got it!
7. Hines Ward- I think his team was decent last year.
8. Randy Moss- Will Aaron Brooks throw to the right team?
9. A. Bouldin- Still a bit prone to injury, still juiced like a ripe orange
10. Santana Moss- Brunell will be throwing from a wheelchair, not sure if that effects Moss
11. J. Horn- Probably a bit high- how much better is Brees than Brooks? Infinity times 12.
12. C. Chambers- Culpepper finally gives him a QB who isn't a dud.
13. D. Driver- Favre's #1 target. Now if Brett throws it with his eyes open this might actually work.
14. R. Wayne- Oft-forgotten that he catches a lot of passes. And he's a Capricorn.
15. D. Jackson- Was good last year until he broke down in like week 4.
16. J. Walker- New #1 in Denver. I hear the ball flies far there.
17. R. Williams- Let's overrate him just one more year for kicks. But Martz= fantasy steroids!
18. J. Galloway- Can he repeat his fantasy breakout? Probably not.
19. P. Burress- Eli has other friends like Toomer, Tiki, and Shockey but Burress should be #1 target...maybe should be higher up.
20. K. McCardell- Unless Rivers is the second coming of Alex Smith.

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