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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Fantasy Football Part Deux

Running Backs

This year will likely be the same as years in the past, where RB's will fly off the board in the early rounds.

Getting a consistent scorer from this position could make or break your season. But if you don't get a top 3 pick in your draft, your #1 is by no means a lock to be very productive. This year Larry Johnson joins Shaun Alexander and LT at the top of every draft board.

I just know I'm going to get the #4 pick in the draft and completely confuse myself. My suggestion if you get #4- trade down. Go to the #6 or #7 person and see if they're interested swapping the pick and then also swapping 2nd and 4th round picks (because they will pick a few spots ahead of you in those rounds). Personally, I'd rather someone else make that 1st round decision because everyone beyond #3 has question marks like- Will he fall off his jet ski and fracture his femur? And, "Will he drop a watermelon on his foot at a family picnic? See, completely unpredictable.

If you are fortunate enough to get into the top 3, you have what we call a "good problem". All of those guys are going to be great this year, and if you don't make the playoffs you should be booted from the league.

Top 20 RB's for '06
1. S. Alexander- Best team of the top 3. Should repeat last season. The Barber's long lost Triplet.
2. L. Johnson- Loss of Roaf and no receivers means he'll be swarmed a lot. Has same name as the guy that they played "cat game" with in Super Troopers.
3. L. Tomlinson- Can Rivers prevent LT from being the only concern of defenses? Translation: Will Rivers suck too much to let LT do his thing?
4. C. Portis- Didn't get too many touchdowns the first half of last year. Won't get any against G-Men.
5. T. Barber- Will Jacobs take too many TD's away?
6. E. James- Can the Cards run block? They usually can't even tie their shoes.
7. S. Jackson- Durability a question after a poor 2nd half last year. He was a beaver in college though so...he went to Oregon State
8. R. Johnson- Unless he, um, gets arrested. He is on the Bengals.
9. L. Jordan- Raiders are going to be G-Rated this year, will that matter?
10. W. McGahee- Could be a steal, but a lot of experts aren't too high on his fantasy value
11. C. Williams- Can he carry a 16-game load? Can he have a cooler name than Cadillac?
12. J. Jones- Had injury problems last year. We should take him out of our draft to make sure no one roots for the Cowboys.
13. D. Davis- Had good performances when healthy last yr. But he's on the KC Royals of the NFL
14. B. Westbrook- Just give him the damn ball! No seriously, there isn't anyone else to give it to.
15. K. Jones- Mike Martz = fantasy steroids
16. R. Brown- May go higher, be he hasn't convinced me of anything yet. Wears the gayest uni in the NFL.
17. R. Bush- Did you hear he averaged 100 yards per touch in college?
18. R. Droughns- Backups might steal some carries. But they won't steal your car- because they aren't on the Bengals.
19. W. Parker- Fast Willie Parker. Why don't more NFL RB's have cool nicknames?
20. W. Dunn- He's like 5'2", which makes him hard to tackle.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for FINALLY making the obvious comparison in the looks of the Barbers and Alexander!! I have had this argument with Cliff and others before. No one agrees with me. Not only does he look like the Barbers, but Shaun looks even more like what would happen if Tiki and Strahan had a child. Like what happens on Conan O'Brien where he takes two pics and compares them. You should do that. Post a picture of Shaun Alexander inbetween the Straha and Tiki. You will see what I mean.

Opinion: R. Brown should be higher on your list. Possibly 9 overall. Granted their uniforms are gay (except the Orange Jerseys.. those are hot), but that doesnt take away from the fact that A) the Dolphins will score more this year, B) they have a legit passing game (for once)to set up the run, C) He will get pretty much ALL of the carries, and D) looking at the RB's above him, the Fish have a better O-line than the Raiders, Texans, Eagles, Lions, and Bills... Plus his body is built to run up the middle more so than Westbrook or Cadillac Williams...... I know you hate the Dolphins, and prob hate them even more (like everyone else) because I like them, but dont let this affect your Fantasy stratego.

Also, I think you might be selling Tiki short. I think he will have a better year than Portis. I put Tiki and Edge above Portis. Cards have a passing game. Delayed handoffs and draws will help Edge out. Their line is questionable though.

I happen to very much agree with your QB analysis though. Respect the Choke Artist blog!
Absolutely true on the love child of Strahan/Barbers. I think we may have actually talked about that before.

Probably right about Ronnie Brown also, SI.com has him #11 and ESPN has him #10. I just had trouble going that high b/c we haven't had a full season look at him yet. For the record, not a Phins hater.

The Jacobs factor is the only rreson why Tiki is not #4.
Good point about Jacobs. I still think Portis is a little wack though. Redskins cant put together drives... either they bomb the ball or Portis breaks one for 50+... I still see Tiki in the endzone more than him. Especially since the Giants D is better this year and they have to play them and Dallas twice. Or maybe I just dont like Portis because he was the #2 RB on my underacheiving fantasy team last year. That could also be the case. I hope I dont have to draft him....

I guess I pinned you for a 'Phins hater because you always busted my balls with everyone else (except Jay... he is a closet Dolphins fan who hasn't come out because he doesnt want any of my abuse reflected onto him... but deep down, they are his #2 team. I've seen it in his eyes) about how "Jeff Hostetler is better than Dan Marino." Maybe your just a Marino hater. Or maybe a Hostetler lover. I could understand hating Marino more than hating the Dolphins. I dont really like Elway. No particular reason. Just dont like him. Same thing with Vick and Peyton. I respect all of them.... but just dont like them. I could see how Marino could fall into such a category for a Non-Miami fan. Or is it that Hos's 'stache is just that sexy?
You can't beat the Hoss-stache.

On PTI tonight, Tiki said that he still won't be getting any goal line carries.

I am working on a post for Alexander/Barbers/Strahan
Sorry, forgot to say that Portis was disappointing early last year b/c he didn't score much but picked it up towards the end of the year. But this is exactly why the 4th pick and on is a crapshoot.
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