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Monday, August 07, 2006


Fantasy Football Part 1

Each day this week, I'll run through a different aspect of Fantasy Football. Now I did not win either of my fantasy leagues last year, but it was my first year so give me a break. This season, I arrive older and wiser, and will not make mistakes like trading the backup to my first round pick ever again only to see him lead someone else's team to the championship . Sorry Ferris.

Day 1- Quarterbacks
As usual, Peyton Manning is in the first round on the draft board of many "experts". SI.com has him ranked as the #7 overall player, and ESPN.com has his going #10 in their mock draft. Are you going to be "that guy" who takes Manning in the first round and misses out on a #1 RB? Edge won't be there to open up the passing game, and you might spend the rest of the season watching someone like Steven Jackson or Rudi Johnson make your pick look really silly.

With the amount of question marks at QB, you could probably get someone in the middle rounds for about 50 cents on the dollar. Brees, Culpepper, Palmer, Rothlesberger, Leftwich, and McNair are all coming back from injuries which means that they should be available in later rounds. If you get one of these guys plus someone like Eli Manning, Plummer, or Bledsoe, you'll have good depth without having to waste an early pick. So scoop up your RB's and WR's early because you can fit some quality QB's in in rounds 6, 7, and even later.

Here are my top 10 QB's with their projected round when they should be drafted
1. P. Manning (mid 2nd)- Usual WR weapons, but can the running game open up the pass still?
2. T. Brady (early 4th)- If Branch ever comes to camp, Brady is consistent. Chicks dig him.
3. M. Hasselbeck (early 4th)- If Darryl Jackson stays healthy, his numbers could be huge.
4. J. Delhomme (late 4th)- If Keyshawn stops acting like he's 9, he'll help alongside S. Smith
5. Marc Bulger (mid 5th)- Always decent numbers, but I always feel like he's such a vag
6. Carson Palmer (mid 5th)- If knee continues to heal well, he's got C. Johnson and the Housh.
7. Ben Rothlesberger (early 6th)- A late round steal last year. May even play with a helmet.
8. Eli Manning (early 6th)- So many weapons, and he's Peyton's brother, so he must be top 10.
9. Donovan McNabb (mid 6th)- But I predict Westbrook (Nova!) will lead team in rec. yards.
10. Drew Brees (mid 6th)- Joe Horn and Stallworth plus Bush out of the backfield.

Sleepers: P. Rivers, Leftwich, Kitna, Vick

Wouldn't that be really messed up if I manipulated my suggestions so I could get more players that I want? Maybe I am! Maybe I am going to take Peyton with the #3 pick! Maybe not. Tomorrow I'll run through the most coveted draft picks- the RB's.

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