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Thursday, August 10, 2006


Fantasy Football IV

Everyone loves a nice tight end. You should too, because if your TE can't produce, you could have some serious points to make up. There are probably 10 tight ends that are worth having on your team, so if you are in a 12 team league, be careful.

Top 15 TE's
1. Antonio Gates- Numbers like a WR. Cool name.
2. Jeremy Shockey- You want him because he celebrates every catch.
3. Tony Gonzalez- KC's #1 receiving option. Don't take him in the first round George, he'll be there in round 2!
4. Todd Heap- McNair doesn't suck nearly as much as his other QB's have.
5. Randy McMichael- Again, new QB that doesn't suck.
6. Alge Crumpler- Alge Eater!
7. Heath Miller- He's a sophomore now so he can hook up with Freshmen and sophomore chicks.
8. Jason Witten- Maybe less catches with T.O. show in town.
9. Chris Cooley- Unique H-back position gives him a lot of touches and TD's.
10. L.J. Smith- Someone in Philly has to catch passes, right?

Tomorrow is the grand finale! Kickers and Defenses! Wow, poor planning on my part.

No Vernon Davis?
number 11? He's a rookie so it's hard to tell. (I was going to pick him in my draft...sshhh).
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