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Friday, August 11, 2006


Fantasy Five

Wrapping up the week's fantasy review are defenses and kickers. They are by far the most boring positions, but Neil Rackers and the Bears D definitely won some games for people last year. Whatever you do, don't draft either until you have a backup for every other starting position.

Only about 4 or 5 kickers are worth getting in this draft. Does that mean you should try and get one of them? Probably not. Kicking involves a bunch of luck because some guys get more chances than others. You could go without drafting one and still be fine picking up a free agent.

Kickers Top 10
1. Neil Rackers, Ariz.- By far the best last year. Will a better team mean more or less FG's?
2. Adam Vinitieri, Ind.- Great kicker goes to turf.
3. Jay Feely, NYG- Because we always suck in the red zone!
4. Shayne Graham, Cin.- Only a kicker would spell his first name like that.
5. David Akers, Phi.- Because they aren't going to score any TD's this year.
6. Jason Elam, Den.- Why not? By this time the kickers are a crapshoot.
7. Mike Vanderjagt, Dal.- Vanderjerk is a Cowboy!
8. John Kasay, Car.- Well the team is supposed to be nasty.
9. Jeff Reed, Pit.- Does not ride a motorcycle.
10. S. Janikowski, Oak.- Most badass kicker ever?

The defenses are not much different. The top few might be worth going for, but you can easily get a good defense in one of the last rounds of your draft.

Top 10 Defenses
1. Bears- consistently scored well last year. Daaaaa Bears.
2. Carolina- They are healthier than last year and they run really fast.
3. Pittsburgh- Polamalu wraps people in his hair.
4. Indianapolis- Underrated. Freeney has reached beast status.
5. Seattle- Go seagulls. Don't poop on me.
6. Giants- Better this year. G-G-G-G-MEN.
7. Tampa Bay- Hopefully they have a better D than the Devil Rays.
8. Baltimore- Stunk last year. Won't stink this year.
9. Washington- The name Redskins is derogatory towards American Indians, but they spent a lot on the defense.
10. New England- Key to good season for Pats.

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