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Friday, August 04, 2006


Dream Team Rules Again

I haven't been this excited about USA Basketball since 1992, at which point I was nine years old, and I believe Transformers excited me as well. After being utterly embarrassed by Puerto Rico (92-73) at the Olympics in Athens, Team USA dominated a rematch last night. We slapped PR around like we were a white trash mom in Wal-Mart and they were our fat, misbehaving child. Now, PR's only "real" NBA name is Carlos Arroyo, but still, this looks good.

After trailing 33-29, the US squad woke up and went on a 31-2 run en route to a 114-69 trouncing. That means after the 33-29 score, we beat them 85-36, which is gross. This is how it should be, because the last few years have been a joke.

Losing to Puerto Rico in basketball is like England losing to the United States in cricket (I think). Or the US beating anyone from South America or Europe in soccer. Or the Knicks winning more than 20 games next year. It is just not supposed to happen. D-Wade and Lay-Bron will ensure that this debacle doesn't occur again because they are freaks. I just hope Kobe doesn't come back from his injury and mess everything up. Does anyone else remember how foolish he looked trying to throw an alley-oop in the All-Star game? It looked like the first time he had even done it before.

The US heads to the World Championships in Sapporo, Japan in a few weeks. Sapporo beer is good in Saki bombs, so I hope they stay clear of those and concentrate on whooping everyone's ass.

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