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Friday, August 25, 2006


Devine Intervention

Yesterday. my friend Alli sent me a copy of the New York Times' new sports magazine called "Play". Paging through it, I came across a familiar name- Noel Devine. It's a name that is unique enough to remember, especially since the last time I saw his name I was thinking, "how can this guy not be in the NFL?" That was after I watched his highlight tape- from his freshman year in high school.

Reggie Bush is in the NFL, and Noel Devine is the next college sensation. Devine, who will be a senior this year at North Fort Myers High, still has not committed to a school yet, but Miami, LSU, Florida, USC, Georgia, and Oklahoma (among others), all have scholarships waiting. He averaged 11 yards per carry and one TD every 7.2 carries his junior year.

Not everything comes easy for this kid. Devine's parents both dies of AIDS by the time he was 11 years old. After disagreements with his grandma, he moved in with the family of a Pop Warner teammate. Well before he turned 18, he "impregnated two girls within a seven month span" and was suffering from poor grades. This year, coaches and teachers alike are pitching in to help Devine academically, while he remains in touch with his two children. After a bizarre episode where NFL star Deion Sanders tried unsuccessfully to adopt Devine, he is back in Fort Myers for his senior year.

This highlight reel is a good one, but I believe it may be from just one year of high school. There are a ton of videos on YouTube if you search "Noel Devine", so peruse them yourself if you wish. I watched about 6 or 7 and they are all spectacular. If you want to read the article, you get read it online here. You need to sign up for an NY Times membership, which is free.

His O-line isn't even good. They got blown off the ball every play... and that screen pass play was REDICULOUS! -- Future #1 pick in a Fantasy draft... 6 years from now.
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