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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Coming Up Canadia (yes Canadia)

I might just dedicate the entire week to trashing Canada's appreciation for sports. After not giving me ESPN (or internet in my room) for the week, they may deserve it.

Coming up later this week:
-The Canadian Sports Section (in case you need something to wipe your ass with)
-The Hockey Hall of Fame (if I take enough time away from drinking Canadian beer to check it out)
-Some more hating (on Canada of course!)

I've been to Montreal 3 different times - 2 for New Years and 1 for Spring Break...yep, Spring Break.

Each time was better than the last.

Although 1:00 pm buzz may have helped significantly, I started to enjoy the sport of Curling. Curling is like shuffle board on ice with a lot of yelling. Seriously, a lot of yelling.

So, hopefully in your hating of Canada, you can throw in a minor tribute to Curling...
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