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Monday, August 14, 2006


Bush and T-Rac Star in Nashville

Reggie Bush got the better of Vince Young on Saturday.

Young showed that he is not quite ready to be a starter yet, going 4-11 passing and carrying 4 times for 28 yards before leaving with a mild ankle sprain. Bush ripped off a 44 yard run, and finished with 6 carries for 59 yards (that guy from his fantasy league might not be so dumb after all).

T-Rac got the better of Adrian McPherson on Saturday.

T-Rac, the Titans raccoon mascot (who ESPN.com reports has been to 5 Pro Bowls), made the biggest hit of the game. While entertaining the crowd as the players came out from halftime, the raccoon nailed 4th string Saints QB Adrian McPherson with a golf cart. McPherson escaped the hit-and-run with bruises, but was not able to play in the game. I can't imagine a more fitting mascot to run over a person than a raccoon, one of the top roadkill victims in the country. No word on whether this will hurt T-Rac's chances for a 6th Pro Bowl this year. On a sad side note, the Raccoon is the official wild animal of Tennessee.

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