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Friday, August 11, 2006


Boo Manu!

Manu Ginobili seems to be under the assumption that Argentina has a chance at the World Championships. According to an ESPN.com article, Ginobili discusses the US squad by saying, "basketball is about the team, it's not only about the players". Which is what I would say if I was from Argentina, because most of their players aren't even in the NBA. Just a note, Argentina hasn't won this tournament in 56 years.

Ginobili went on to say that USA's dominance is "a part of the past". Ginobili, who has averaged less than 13 points in his NBA career, only plays 27 minutes per game for the Spurs and he'll have to do a lot more than that against a USA squad that is the face of the NBA for the next 10 years. Manu would probably need to drop 50 for Argentina to win, and the chances of that happening are not nearly as good as the chances of his big nose poking someone's eye out.

Um, Dan - Manu and Argentina beat the US at the Olympics two years ago. They are the reigning champs, and they are the team (per the oddsmakers) that has the best chance of beating the US.

And if you are bringing up his NBA stats in an attempt to discredit him, you should note that he is the second most important player on a NBA championship winner team (the '04 Spurs), and could have easily won the MVP in that series. Also, please note that Manu is still a top-three player (along with Duncan and Parker) on a perennial championship contender....
Yes Argentina beat the US, however, we all know that the US team was poorly assembled. Do you really think that LeBron and D-Wade will fold?

He was a very important role player in the finals and still is for the Spurs. Let's see how he handles being a focal point.
This is a joke, right? The defending Olympic champions, and you're stuck in the "we're the best in the world and we're so dominant our guys can play with their off-hands and still win" mindset?

You need to get a clue.
So you're saying you would bet on Argentina? Because I would take that in a second.
Yeah, and Puerto Rico beat us two years ago, and look how we dismantled them a few days ago. Dan's right. Fuck Argentina, and fuck Manu's whiny, fake-flopping, soccer-playing sorry ass. Wake me up when he's actually playing basketball, instead of trolling for red cards in a Spurs uniform.
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