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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Bobble Bobble

Everyone loves a good bobble head doll. Sometimes you are lucky enough to get one at a game. People collect them. They're like troll dolls for sports fans. Well now you can have one of yourself playing football on the beach with muscles that you don't really have. There is a website where you can make this happen. Or, imagine you're a 60 year old man and you want your head on Joe Montana's body- problem solved. These are just examples from their website, but I think we can get much more creative with this.

Since you can customize these, who wouldn't want a Mike Tyson or an OJ bobble head? Or you could just intentionally get bobble heads of obscure athletes. Like, check out my Kevin Mench bobble head (and then people would be confused because it doesn't look like a bobble head, it just looks like big-headed Kevin Mench). If you could get one that twitches instead of bobbles, I would definitely get a Coco Crisp twitching head doll. Or a Leo Mazzone bobble body would be great, just rocking back and forth until the end of time. Of course it would be really fun to freak out someone that you know by leaving a bobble head of that person on their desk at work or something. Come on people, I know you want to give me your own bizarre suggestions.

I would want to combine my favorite athlete, my favorite wrestler and my favorite TV show all in one doll.

I would put Mariano Rivera's head on Hulk Hogan's body while holding a gun and pointing it at somebody like Jack Bauer in 24.
did you really just say you have a fav wrestler, now that just makes me laugh. dan can you do an article on WWF, or WWE, whatever it is. don't be nice either.
Anonymous, whoever you are, I think I need to do exactly that. As with the Keith Hernandez live blog (which I haven't done yet), I need to actually sit through one of those painstaking shows, pen in hand, and get to rippin'. This in no way suggests that Keifer is painstaking, I just meant I am not promising when I'll do it.
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