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Thursday, August 10, 2006


1050 ESPN Radio vs. The Fan 660

Do you have a favorite? The programming is not the exact same every day, and ESPN has twice as many hosts, so I'll break it down as I see it by time of day. There has got to be some disagreement here, so I hope to see some banter in the comments section.

Morning- Mike and Mike from 1050 vs. Imus from 660
Well unless you're over 80 years old, this isn't even a contest. Mike and Mike win by a landslide despite having that idiot Steve Phillips as their baseball insider. They took the effective personality contrast from Mike & The Mad Dog, except they did it with two people who were born with the correct amount of chromosomes. Gollick is the meathead ex-football player, while Greenberg is the nerdier, preppier, sports fan.

score: 1-0 ESPN

Midday- The Herd/Steven A./Dan Patrick from ESPN vs. Benigno from 660
It's hard to judge this one because I rarely get a chance to listen on a weekday. Benigno is cool though because he fielded one of my Villanova-praising calls during the '05 NCAA tourney. He shows a lot of respect to his callers, which is a big plus for me. The Herd is pretty much on the same levelall around, but Steven A. and Dan Patrick give the game away here. Patrick makes terrible jokes and just sounds completely awkward. Love him on TV, keep him there. Steven A. yells...a lot. He does show respect to his callers, which is surprising considering how opinionated he is. Still, it's hard to listen for more than 10 minutes at a time.

score: 1-1 tie

The Drive Home- Michael Kay from ESPN vs. Mike & The Mad Dog from 660
This is the time when most people probably listen. I think I began my official Michael Kay boycott when he said something like "Americans don't have to watch the World Cup, these fans in other countries are animals and racists and I don't think they should be telling me what to watch". Um ok, we know you think you're better that everyone, but that was just ignorant. Mike and the Mad Dog win by default even though Mad Dog goes on crazy rants where he forgets to breathe for several minutes and you can picture his head turning purple. They are also complete know-it-alls when it comes to their callers, but yet, I still listen. I don't call their show though because I could imagine breaking my cell in half after waiting 45 minutes only to be cut off and hung up on mid-sentence.

score: 2-1 Fan

After the Gym (approx. 7-10pm)- Max Kellerman/Jim Rome vs. Steve Somers
For a Met fan, this is a landslide. For a Yankee fan, I hope it is also. Around the Horn is a billion times more successful since Max left, and I think Rome is Burning is on at around 3am on ESPN13. Max is particularly obnoxious because he talks like he has just been brainwashed by
the book Moneyball and sabermetrics. Rome is slightly more tolerable because he is funny at times, although the really long pauses between every word are borderline creepy. Somers' monologue to begin the show is hilarious, and he is probably the best radio host of them all. So what is he looks like a pedophile? It's radio! I could see Yankee fans not liking him as much because, for example, one Yankee caller wanted to talk about a Giambi home run and Somers says, "well here's the call!" Only to play the audio of Beltran's grand slam from the same night.

score: 3-1 Fan

I surprised myself a bit with this scoring because I never realized that I enjoyed The Fan that much more than ESPN. Well, ESPN has better weekend shows though, so we can adjust the score to 3-2. I was called a moron by someone one the Fan's Saturday morning show 2 years ago for saying Jason Kidd is the reason the Nets couldn't win a championship, but that's another discussion. Really, I switch to the other station during commercials (unless Kay is on) and I'm glad we now have two to choose from.

sI was listening to a Michael Kay rant last Friday about how stupid the "Don't talk about the No-hitter while it is happening" phenomenon is. During this, a caller said that it is just "baseball etiquite." Micheal Kay replied with "Well thats a stupid reason to do something. It was once also etiquite to have black people as slaves" ---- These are the types of remarks that make his show utter GARBAGE. He's the worst. Pathetic at arguing.

*For the record, I was only listening because my radio was on ESPN from the morning and when I started my car he was giving the Vartitek injury update. I hate Michael Kay.....
hate hate hate! glad i'm not the only one.
I love Benigno. He acts like a regular guy himself, no ego at all. Plus he's a huge mets fan.
Benigno was spectacular on the overnight, which is amazing considering he has one of the louder voices in radio and part of an overnight's show's point is to gently put you to sleep. But he built such a rapport with his callers that all these characters (RIP Doris in Rego Park) were a part of this NYC night community that managed to put you to sleep with a smile...only to be awoken by the awful Imus. Had to flip the radio dial to Stern immediately when that happened.
You guys have it better than LA. It's a parade of douchebags the instant DP is off the air. On every single sports station. Then again, this is only a sports town when the locals notice the Lakers are in the playoffs.

I would like to see an in-depth review of weekend sports talk. Some hidden gems in there (Bobby Valvano) combined with some outstanding retards (ESPN Gameday, and some psycho on Fox Sports Saturday nights ... I dont' even know his name cuz I'm afraid).

So get to it.

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