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Monday, August 21, 2006


1 City, 149 wins, Collision Course

I feel like I need to give some more love to the Mets, and I guess maybe even the Yankees too. After this weekend, the team from Queens is 75-48, coming off a sweep of Colorado. The Bronx squad is 74-48 after scoring many many touchdowns, field goals, safeties, and extra points after besting Boston for four straight games. So I want to look at both teams after a weekend such as this one, as the words "Subway Series" are becoming more common every day.

The Mets lead the division over Philly by 14 games, and have a huge 9 game lead on St. Louis for the best record in the NL. Damn you, Trevor Hoffman for ruining home field advantage. Even with the currently decimated team we have out there, it seems impossible to blow these leads with 40 games to go. Did I really just say that? If it weren't for the Cubs, I think the Mets would be the most heartbreaking team in the NL. I have many fears as a Mets fan that has been subject to a life of false hope and disappointment. Our pitching staff reminds me of what Entourage would look like if Ari, Johnny Drama, and Turtle all left the cast within a few episodes- people would keep watching, but for how long? Without Pedro, Glavine, (and Bannister and Zambrano if we look back) we keep winning, but how long will it last? Actually, I take that part back about Zambrano, that was like when Dom left the show.

A problem that both teams face- The playoffs have historically been about pitching.

Right Now, the Mets rotation looks like this (in order of best to worst): Maine (rookie), El Duque (11 ER in start last week), Trachsel (67 years old, 4.79 ERA), Pelfrey (rookie), Williams (just made first start). Trachsel is the only remaining member of the opening day rotation and this is not a playoff rotation. Glavine has some sort of freak injury that could end his season. Bannister has had good rehab and is up to AAA Norfolk. Oliver Perez threw a 1-hitter there the other day. But this is what we are doomed to, 12 starters used and counting.

But on the other hand, this team just doesn't feel like your typical Mets team, and we have three MVP candidates in Beltran, Wright, and Reyes. If you don't believe me about Reyes, he is batting close to .300, leads the league in steals and triples, is 3rd in runs, 6th in hits, has 14 HR, 61 RBI, and is the premiere leadoff hitter in the NL, not to mention one of the best fielding shortstops. He has 12 more runs, 12 more triples, 4 more HR, 15 fewer K's, 24 more steals, a higher slugging %, fewer errors, and a better fielding % than Derek Jeter. (Yankee fans: "what the hell is he talking about, Reyes isn't even in the same class as Jeter! This guy doesn't know anything! ANYTHING!!!")

The Yankees have opened up a gaping 5.5 game lead on Boston over the weekend and look poised to rule the East once again. In 20 games with the team, Bobby Abreu is hitting close to .400 with a .500 on base percentage. They have averaged 11.75 runs per game in the 4 games with Boston. Unstoppable is a word that comes to mind. But...their team ERA is 4.37 and Randy Johnson is at 4.98. They are like the Phoenix Suns of baseball. Everyone knows that you don't win the World Series by winning games 14-8. You had that shirt when you were 9- defense wins championships...well pitching, really.

They do have two legitimate pitchers in Wang and Mussina who have combined to go 27-10 so far and they are both in the top 15 in the AL in ERA. In his last 10 starts though, Mussina has only gone more than 6 innings twice (4-2). The Wang has averaged less than 5.5 innings in his last 3 starts, conceding 12 runs. Those starts were against playoff contenders Boston, LA, and Chicago. These guys need to stay tough for the Yanks to advance. Can The Wang and The Moose hold up against the White Sox, Tigers and A's staffs? We'll see.

Both the Mets and the Yankees should still be the favorite to advance to the World Series, and if they do, I just hope the Mets don't get trounced again.

are you saying that Reyes is better than Jeter??? I know you want to say it, I bet you're even considering it.

I'm getting a little tired of these flash in pan athletes who get compared to the greatness that is Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera. Eric Gagne and Brad Lidge are better than Mo, huh? Edgar Renteria is better than Derek Jeter? Riiigggghhhttt....

I'm not saying Reyes is going to be a flash in the pan, odds are he will go on to be a very good player. But please, compare him to the other young players in the game who have not done sh!t like Reyes. Reyes may be currently be playing almost as good as Jeter, but he is not in his class and will have to work damn hard to for the next 10-12 years to earn it.
HA! I pissed off a Yankee fan. What I was saying is that Jeter is being considered an MVP front-runner and he plays the same poistion. If you notice, my argument was Reyes is an MVP candidate, it wasn't a Reyes-Jeter comparison. I used Jeter as sort of a benchmark.

By the way, no one notices that Tejada is putting up .330/22/86 for the poop-ass Orioles.
"He has 12 more runs, 12 more triples, 4 more HR, 15 fewer K's, 24 more steals, a higher slugging %, fewer errors, and a better fielding % than Derek Jeter."

If that's not a comparison, I don't know what is...
But again, it was not to say he is better or more accomplished, just that he should be considered a candidate for NL MVP, as Jeter is for AL MVP.
Reyes is NOT Jeter. Reyes IS an MVP Candidate. That was DEFINITELY a Comparison you made between Jeter and Reyes... But it was just a one season comparison. Part of what makes Jeter so good is his consistency. I think thats what you were both trying to say.
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