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Monday, July 31, 2006


Gatlin Gets Pounded

Searching around the sports world today, I pondered what my first post could be. The MLB trade deadline is today, Floyd Landis may be stripped of his Tour De France Crown, Fantasy Football mania has begun...now wait a second, did I just see this headline on CBS Sportsline?

Coach: Gatlin victim of massage sabotage

Wow, massage sabotage strikes the track and field circuit, now we're talkin. It apparently is in the "doping" seciton . I'm a little perturbed about a section on doping, but lets get to the good stuff.

"Gatlin would also be banned for life, the standard discipline for a second positive test.
The head of the World Anti-Doping Agency, Dick Pound, called for such a penalty."

That has to be some kind of joke. Now we all know that the name Dick is derived from Richard, which would leave me to believe that he wanted his name to be Dick Pound. Sometimes people introduce themselves by just saying "Hi, Justin Gatlin" (for example). Don't you think anyone was ever offended by the inevitable, "Hi, Dick Pound"?

Other possible headlines for this article:
-Dick Pounds Justin
-Gatlin gets Dicked
-Or in the spirit of the website, Gatlin Choked by Dick

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