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Monday, July 31, 2006


Fortunate Sons

SI.com Has published their annual "Fortunate 50". So there were a few surprises, and a ton of "what in holy heck, could Isaiah Thomas have been GM of all these teams!?!" -type names. I'll break it down in a few categories.

So Surprisingly Hot Right Now
*Golfers- Tiger at #1 could be guessed by anyone, but Phil #2? These guys really have the right idea, and they can play till they're 97. And they don't even need to stick needles in their asses!
*Race Car Drivers- Earnhardt Jr. cracks the top 10 and trails only LayBron in endorsements with $20 mil. Jeff "I used to be good when I was 15" Gordon is #17 and Tony "Bumper Car Champ" Stewart is in at #34 with just under $17 mil. Again, no needles in asses!

Worst GM's by FAR are in the NBA
#16- Chris Webber: I refuse to believe that he still has $3 mil in endorsements, love that the 76ers foot the 19+ mil salary.
#20- Michael Finley: 20 mil salary and not even a starter.
#29- Stephon Marbury: 20 mil option for '07-'08. Is Laughingstock one word or two?
#35, #36 #37, #38: Brian Grant, Penny Hardaway, Grant Hill, Jalen Rose: So apparently if you get waived you get paid more later. And if you were good when I was 12, you get paid even more.
#40- Keith Van Horn- Must be the smartest guy in the league. Shaved for the first time 3 weeks ago.

No Love for the Pigskin
Football players have the shortest careers, but its hard to generate revenue on 8 home games. Only 5 in the top 50, led by Carson "I don't suck anymore but I might suck again after my knee was obliterated last season" Palmer.

Final Note
For entertainment you might want to check out the "International 20". There is a 6 year old child with an afro that makes $30 mil a year riding a motorcycle in Italy.

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