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Tuesday, November 28, 2006



That's what you write when your website is messed up right? Anyway, I have zero time right now so posting has been suspended temporarily while I find some other contributors. Right now my work schedule and a test I am studying for leave me with little time to stay up to date on things. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon.

-Choke Artist

Friday, November 17, 2006



It is official, JNR is the authority on NFL picks, so either stick with his picks or pick the opposite of us other two losers.

Choke Artist (8-16-1)...I swear I had a winning record before this competition started
Colts -1 Cowboys
Bengals +3 Saints
Pats -6 Packers
Lions +2 Cards
Seahawks -3.5 49ers

JNR (14-10-1)
Chi -7.0 NYJ
Mia -3.0 Min
Det +2.0 Ari
Ind -1.0 Dal
SD +2.5 Den

TB (9-16)
Colts -1 cowboys
Steelers -3 browns
Titans +13 Eagles
Bears +7 Jets
G-Men -3.5 Jags

CHIEFS OVER RAIDERS...yes I'm scared. 6 people left fighting for $6,000.

JNR (-$20) takes Miami and gives Choke Artist (+$20) 3 points with the Vikes

Thursday, November 16, 2006



In honor of Ron Artest being on my fantasy basketball team, I named my team Tru Warier's. Tru Warier is Artest's nickname for himself...or hhis hip-hop name or something along those lines. I heard that his record sold one copy during its first week although I don't know if it's true.

Anyway, the website, TruWarier.com is great and has terrific features like Ron-Ron in a turtleneck, which sadly is a wallpaper. My favorite was when I went to the charity section and clicked on pictures. There is only one picture and it is Artest in a Pacers jersey in front of a video camera. Keep doin it for the kids Ron.


Oral Sensations!

Oral Roberts shocked #3 Kansas last night in an tourney-type upset. Bill Self really must regret being embarassed by a mid-major which he used to coach at. The Oral's lost their first game of the season- to Loyola-Marymount. Since this isn't 1996 anymore, this looks really bad for Kansas, the second top team to be upset this week (BC lost to Vermont on Monday). Kansas was bounced from last year's tournament by Bradley. And the rise of the mid-majors continues. Someone who knows nothing about basketball will win your NCAA pool again this year.

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